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My name is Idrissa Johnson and I am a financial and insurance advisor who services Medway and Framingham regions. I am also a father, a business owner and a samaritan in our lovely town.

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Personal Insurance

Is buying milk an intimate experience? Probably not. Planning an estate is though. We craft a strategy for you and your family that covers every facet and detail.

Painless Investing

In 2008, how many people couldn’t get a hold of their broker over the phone? We offer secure investments that rival the market every time. It just comes down to budget and watching your money grow.

life insurance

When building a secure home, building, structure, or anything, you need a firm foundation. When building a financial portfolio, that foundation is insurance, and let the estate construction begin.

A Financial Advisor, Business Owner, Family Guy, Organic Chemist

I’m Idrissa Johnson, I was born and raised in Boston to a military mother. Her deployment would leave me to be partially raised in the warm, shark and jellyfish ridden city of Pensacola, Florida. So, unfortunately, I don’t have a Boston accent. I went to Boston Tech which would later become John D O’Bryant school of math and science. For college, I graduated from UMass Amherst. My major was Cellular and molecular Biology/ Biochemistry. While in school I contracted with many labs, doing research, manufacturing, and food chemistry. My last experience was a liquid chemist in an addiction clinic. After graduating, I was called to teach Math in the Boston Public school system. I spent 5 years teaching Math, Science, and one year in IT… (click here to read more)

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Never any sales pressure, only options for your path.

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