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Establishing an insurance and financial plan can be very difficult.  This is where I come in.

Born in Boston, Living in Medfield, Helping Families With Financial and Insurance Needs Throughout Metrowest.

I’m Idrissa Johnson and I was born and raised in Boston to a military mother. Her deployment would leave me to be partially raised in the warm, shark and jellyfish ridden city of Pensacola, Florida. So, unfortunately, I don’t have a Boston accent. I went to Boston Tech which would later become John D O’Bryant school of math and science. For college, I graduated from UMass Amherst. My major was Cellular and Molecular Biology/ Biochemistry. While in school I contracted with many labs, doing research, manufacturing, and food chemistry. My last experience was a liquid chemist in an addiction clinic. After graduating, I was called to teach Math in the Boston Public school system. I spent 5 years teaching Math, Science, and one year in IT. My experience in the school system included buildings converting to a charter program that would leave existing students in a lurch if the hadn’t completed state requirements. During that time I started a landscape construction company. I hired many students, one to teach them real world skills, and two, I had a passion for creating beauty from chaos. We would literally convert a new construction project and give it a final touch, to get everything in sync.

After years of growing the business and doing countless projects health and past and present injuries began to take a toll. I later became diagnosed with leukemia. After the diagnosis, I began to realize life’s importance. I started to seek joy instead of happiness. I like anything with an engine, especially a turbine, gardens, and doing things that yield good memories. I spend a lot of time with my family, my wife and three daughters 4, 12, and 13. We travel together, and have been to some cool places within a few fuel fillups. We currently live in Medway, and have been here since 2016. Our kids are imbedded in the school system, with one in middle school and the other going to Medway high this September. We go to events at Choate Park and I just joined Friends of Medway. My wife like to brings things home from friends of Medway selling events. She is a buyer for a catalog company. Together, we garden, plan, and I execute her honey do list.

Idrissa Johnson - Life Insurance, Disabilities, Annuities and more.

I love sciences (have a degree in organic chemistry), my amazing family, high performance vehicles and travel. I am grateful for what life has taught me and hope to help out others in return.

Having an appreciation for life brought me to becoming an insurance agent. I remember having to bury my uncle, who grew up in the south and chewed tobacco.  This unfortunately left this once roaring and boisterous man without a larynx. I watched his last years diminish, slowly. While in hospice, the first time, I made peace and resolve. He would go to hospice three times staying 4-6 months at a time. I never knew how to feel emotionally because sometimes he would improve and then get released and actually try to work as an equipment operator. That didn’t last long. Eventually my mom and I cared for him until he passed. He couldn’t speak so we had to have pen and paper at all times. Watching him pass away in the hospital from cancer made it all too real for me, even all the events that lead to him dying. His family, although grown, were in turmoil because everyone had to scrape up money to bury him. I remember being tasked with cleaning out his living space. You are never ready. Now I get to help a generation survive a death

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