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Establishing an insurance and financial plan can be very difficult.  This is where I come in.

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The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer, Not Quite…   8/6/2018


With a plethora of information out there, it seems that the rich get richer, while the poor, you know. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Insurance is the cornerstone to financial planning. As someone attempts to max out their 401k for the year, emergencies have a tendency to allude plans. Insurance has the power to hedge against such emergencies. Insurance also has the ability to keep money safe, liquid, and protected against taxes. Sending your kids to college and need to fill out a FAFSA, but declare too much income? Well Insurance can do things that other financial strategies can’t. It may not be for everybody and many people may think that they can’t afford it, but abundance can be a call away, especially with a FREE needs analysis. No pressure.

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