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Learn more about my education and career path and how I can help with your financial and insurance needs.  I service Framingham and Medfield citizens looking for help with financial and insurance matters.

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Establishing an insurance and financial plan can be very difficult.  This is where I come in.

Commons Questions About Insurance and Financial Planning


What do I need?  We need to talk about what you need to happen. We do a financial need analysis that will determine a baseline.

I can’t afford it can I?  A cup of coffee from the drive through is $2 a day. We’ve helped people for less in some cases. Some people can’t afford a brake job, but we won’t stop until we find something that fits your needs and budget.

How do I get paid? – I ONLY get paid if I am able to help you secure your family. The financial institution pays me directly, so no money goes to me. There is no fee to talk to me, whatever check gets written goes directly to the institution that fit you needs. A smile and an open mind is the only thing I charge for.

I’m intimidated and too embarrassed to ask for help, so I will just let things be.  Coming from my community, pride and shame were hand in hand. I will humbled and honored to speak to you. We don’t judge. We simply look at options together and do whatever works. We’ll break down term, whole life, and annuities.

I already have insurance so why should I talk to you?  Same reason a Ford Escort didn’t come equipped with navigation. A lot of the older policies have NO living benefits such as; critical illness, disability, ROP (Return of Premium), Child protection, Long term care. Also, many older policies tend to peak around age 80. What does that mean? After 80 your cash value and/or death benefit go on a rapid decline. Checking your policy time to time is like inspecting your roof. Are you really fully covered?

What areas do you service?  Anywhere in Massachusetts by car or boat.

What is an annuity?  Okay, if life insurance creates an estate, an annuity liquidates an estate. Imagine your life as a roller coaster working hard, saving and putting away as you get to the top. An annuity allows your decent not to be so fast and drastic as you approach the end of the ride.

Are wills important?  Absolutely. There’s nothing like a family fight at the funeral, mortgage bank, tax office, attorney’s office, and lastly probate. A will is a detailed list of instructions in the event of death.

What is term insurance and what is whole life insurance?  Term is a insurance that gives you a death benefit for 10, 20, and sometimes 30 years. The older you get, the shorter the term and more costly. Whole life or permanent insurance covers you up to age 100 to 120, accumulates usable cash, and a payment that doesn’t change.

What is a DI?  Disability Insurance covers you in the event of a disabling event; got hurt at work, developed a disability. It protects your lifestyle while you recover.

What is a rider?  A rider is like an add on to your policy. IE; you can buy a term policy that returns the premiums you paid if you didn’t pass during the term. Children’s term rider gives your children money in addition to your existing policy.

How do I prepare for college with two kids?  Pray. Then we do a needs analysis to determine how much to anticipate on spending. Are they going to Harvard, Umass, or Bunker Hill. We plan realistically.

Offering Medfield and Framingham Help With Financial and Insurance Matters

If you’re a resident of Framingham or Medway (or anywhere around), I am here to help you out with your financial and insurance matters.  Call me today at 617-710-0477 or fill out my form below.

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